Change log Version 1.0.x
Version 1.0.03: Fix SEF in the List of Meetings

Meeting schedule version 1.0.03

Fix the link to the attendees in the "list of meeting" when the SEF is enabled and also improved the link to add the meeting title in the SEF URL and transfert the "redirect" URL value inside a javascript to make the SEF more human readable.
The issue was that the link didn't open the meeting to see the attendees.

Version 1.0.02: Fix the default decision saving and the display from anywhere

Meeting Schedule for Joomla 1.0.02

  • Fix the default decision selection when creating a new meeting.
    The default decision was not saved (ignored).
  • Fix the computation of CSS that must be added to a page when called from anywhere.
    The CSS was not added when the "MeetingSchedule" tag was added into a "featured" article.
  • Remove some PHP Notice
  • Fix some french translation


Version 1.0.01: Add user groups and alternative proposals

The meeting schedule version 1.0.01 adds some feature suggested by the first users

  • TinyMce Editor for the Header/Footer
  • Filtering of proposals based on the User Groups
  • Add several king of decisions type like (combo box, radio button, check box, free text and display only)
  • Give the possibility to make an alternative propsal in the front-end.
  • Use Lock/Unlock of existing attendees to make the user interface more user freindly


Version 1.0.00: First public version

After using the Meeting Schedule for few month with the JUG Wallonie, we finalize it to make a product that we published to help people organize their meetings.

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 March 2014 14:22
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