Change log Version 1.0.x
Version 1.0.07: Add compatiblity with MySQL 5.7

Meeting Schedule version 1.0.08

  • Add compatiblity with MySQL 5.7
    During the installation of the extension, MySQL 5.7 does not allow creating a primary index that is composed of several column that might be null. Replaced the null by a default '' to provide compatibility with MySQL 5.7
Version 1.0.07: Fix dsiplay of the time when global configuration is not UTC

Meeting Schedule version 1.0.07

  • Fix the display of the time when the Global Configuration is not UTC.
    When the "global configuration" time zone is not UTC, the issue is that each time the meeting were saved in the back-end, the time were incremented or decremented depending on the time zone.
Version 1.0.06: Fix dsiplay of calendar popup in the front-end

Meeting Schedule version 1.0.06

  • Show the time into the calendar present in the back-end "proposal dates".
  • Ensure that the Javascript calendar object is loaded when displaying the calendar popup in the front-end to avoid a javascript error.


Version 1.0.05: Add captcha and possibility to make new proposal with a title

Meeting Schedule version 1.0.05

  • Add the possibility to make new proposal in the front-end with only a title (no date).
    This may for example give the possiblity to propose several meeting subject (or themes) for which the people can vote.
  • Add the possibility to have a captcha when adding a new attendee or a new proposal.
    The objective is to reduce the risk that robots create fake attendee or proposal when anonymous is allowed.
  • Add a "Check DB" in the about menu to allow verifying the DB structure of the Meeting Schedule.
  • Fix email list notification.
    When emails were separated by a semi column (;) an error message was reported that the "email" was missing.
    The error was due to a cleanup of the email that is used to verify that it has a good shape.
  • Add a cache on email sent to verify and avoid that duplicate email are sent.
  • Fix compatibility with Joomla 3.4


Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 July 2015 11:41
Version 1.0.04: Add Header/Footer in the list of attendees

The meeting schedule for joomla version 1.0.04 adds the possiblity to custom the rendering of the attendees inside the "list of attendees" menu.

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